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Mobile home

Mix of mobile, container and modular houses is the answer to modern needs - they allow you to build your own corner quickly, easily and at an affordable price.

Mobile homes are modern structures that do not require a building permit. They are perfect as summer houses, but also all-year-round houses for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional construction technologies.

Advantages of our modular houses:

- attractive design

- high comfort

- quick construction

- high quality materials

- energy-saving solutions

- long-term durability

- capacity to expand

Thanks to their modular structure, they are set up extremely quickly. It is all thanks to the prefabricated elements, which are then combined to give a stylish, durable and warm home. It only takes a few days to assemble a new home.

At the construction site, modular houses only require basic preparation. As a result, you can save on the costs associated with the storage of materials, their transport, and the hire of a construction team.

Most of our mobile homes are made of natural materials. The base is wood, which is a universal and reliable raw material that offers many possibilities. Thanks to this, our houses are ecological, and at the same time durable, so they can be used for many years.

An additional advantage of modular homes is their easy modification. You can enlarge their size by adding more modules. We create them in various formats, which is why they are a recommended solution for small plots of unusual shape.
When designing and building our modular houses, we use the latest technological solutions. We make sure that they are energy-efficient. That is why they provide pleasant warmth even during the winter months, and their heating is not associated with high expenses.

All these advantages make our mobile homes a proven choice for the most demanding customers who dream of living on their own!